Personalized Tax-Savvy Legal Help

Personalized Tax-Savvy Legal Help

An Attorney Who Understands Taxes And Estate Planning

Tax planning and estate planning are intimately connected. As you prepare to create an estate plan and how your assets will be distributed, you also must consider the tax-related ramifications that can significantly effect the value of the estate you are able to transfer to your beneficiaries.

When you are developing an estate plan, it remains crucial to rely on at attorney who also has a comprehensive understanding of the tax laws and how to best plan your estate to minimize the taxes your estate owes. As a lawyer and certified public accountant, Steven F. Mann, Attorney at Law, in Waltham, Massachusetts, can provide the knowledge and skills you need. I am Steven F. Mann, and my more than 30 years of legal experience can help you.

Attentive, Thorough And Helpful

Whether you are creating a will or trust as part of an overall estate plan, you want to your beneficiaries retain the majority of your estate, rather than see it be eroded due to inheritance taxes or estate taxes.

As a certified public accountant, I have a thorough understanding of financial matters, the tax code and how to protect your families wealth. In addition, the tax code frequently changes. This is another reason why you need a professional who is attentive to these changes and can advise you on how to properly update and manage your estate plan to ensure that it achieves your goals.

I will provide the legal guidance you need, informing you of all financial and tax implications related to your estate plan. My in-depth knowledge of accounting helps clients who are making crucial estate planning decisions.

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For more than 30 years, Steven F. Mann, Attorney at Law, in Waltham, Massachusetts, has guided people in their estate planning needs throughout the Boston metro area. I am a solo attorney who provides one-on-one attention for every client. Also, I am a tax lawyer who understands the tax implications involved with estate planning. For a free initial consultation, please contact me online or call 781-890-8228.